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Security in Rathcoole

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Over recent years the opening hours of Rathcoole Garda Station have been cut back and the number of Gardaí stationed there have been reduced drastically. This is a matter of concern in the area. I support a call for a meeting with the Department of Justice to to address this.

Saggart – Tranport

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There is no parking at the Saggart Luas stop. This prevents park and ride opportunities.

Traffic in Saggart should not go into meltdown as described in this article as a consequence of large events held in the area.

West Dublin needs a traffic and public transport strategy. Bus Connects is inadequate for the suburbs.

Rathcoole – Tranport

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Half an hour delays exiting Rathcoole Village to get onto the N7 are unacceptable. This is as a result of developer-led planning.

The developers own the land banks, construct estates and apartment blocks and are long gone when the traffic problems arise. More houses are needed nationally but the transport infrastructure must be in place to handle the population expansion.

West Dublin needs a traffic and public transport strategy. Bus Connects is inadequate for the suburbs. I support Rathcoole Community Council’s call for a halt to any more large developments in the village until the traffic situation is addressed.

Saggart – Village Square

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The old village of Saggart – Teach Sagart (The priests house), is Irelands fastest growing community. With the population quadrupaling over a short number of years, Saggart, needs community spaces and amenites. I am calling on South Dublin County Council to buy the vacant space in the centre of Saggart Village to create a number of amenities including a village plaza.

Brittas – Community

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As a member of the committee of Clondalkin Tidy Towns I support and commend the efforts of Brittas Tidy Towns to enhance their community. Wishing them every success for their participation in the An Taisce National Clean-Up on 27th April. See here for more information.

Brittas is also the best place aronud to buy a homegrown Irish Christmas Tree!

Newcastle – Community

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As a member of the committee of Clondalkin Tidy Towns I support and commend the efforts of Newcastle Lyons Tidy Towns to enhance their community. Clondalkin and Newcastle Tidy Towns groups almost got the same points in the 2018 national competition – 287 versus 280 – with Newcastle scoring higher in the category ‘Residential Streets and Housing Areas’. I was happy to see on a recent visit to Newcastle that the Water Pump on the Peamount Rd is still working.


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We can no longer afford the mass production of packaging and plastic! We should increase the charges for the producers of packaging and plastic, have street bins with separate compartments and more dedicated dog waste bins.


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Culture and an Gaelige really matter. I want to see opportunities for everyone to learn and speak Irish, the creation of artists’ studios, and outdoor cinemas in the summer months.

Security in Clondalkin

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Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their community. I want to see more Community Gardaí forums and diversion schemes, and to implement learning from how other communities work to avoid anti-social behaviour.

Sports & Music Facilities

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South Dublin County Council must invest in more music and sporting facilities and involve our young people in running them. For example, we need to restore Corkagh fishing ponds, build football skills courts and fix Clondalkin Swimming Pool.

Heritage & Planning in Clondalkin

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Clondalkin is over 1,000 years old! Brú Chrónáin and the 1916 Garden are great, but the council planners have allowed too many red brick buildings. I stand for sustainable planning, e.g. in Clonburris, more pedestrian streets and safe access to heritage buildings.


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The private housing market is failing us. Rents and house prices are exorbitant. I stand for an end to land speculation and hoarding; action to tackle dereliction; and building on public land – now!

Transport in Clondalkin

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Clondalkin is congested at peak times! We need a shuttle bus to the Luas; a bus stop outside our train station; a DART service from Heuston to Hazelhatch; and more bike lanes and electric vehicle chargepoints.

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